Have you ever had a great idea? 
        You thought…this is IT… and decided it would make a great business. 
        You started out strong, but as the challenges began to pile up you have been bootstrapping, backsliding, and jumping on the latest business “bandwagon” but still not reaching the level of success and profitability you want!
        I have learned being in business takes more than just an idea. The greatest intentions in the world will not pay your bills.  

        You need strategy, planning, support ... and so much more. You need a comprehensive program that can take you from A-Z in business strategy so you can go from concept to 7-figures like I did using this program!  

        If you are not making the money you want and living the life you love, you need to ask yourself what you need to get FIRED UP to get on that road to success.   You need to be Ignited!   And I've got just the thing to help you get there.
        The IGNITE Program will give you the tools you need to build the business and the life you love.
        This online coaching program includes:
        • 18 Training calls where Odette and guest experts share everything you need to know to build a successful, satisfying, and sustainable business.
        •  9 Question and Answer calls that had tremendous value by answering all of the questions you may have beyond the training calls.
        • Lifetime access to all 27 calls so you can continue to support your business as it grows and changes.
        • Cliff notes of the training calls for those of you who like a written version.
        • Pre-call worksheets for each training call so you are primed to get the most from each call.
        Along with these SPECIAL BONUSES:
        • Profit Domination Home Study system.
        • Two one-to-one business strategy calls with Odette to personalize and individualize this information for your business.
        I built my first seven-figure business in 1993 during an economic crisis in a market hardest hit by the recession…real estate. It was tough. I mean it was sob in your bathroom so no one could hear you cry kind of tough. I tried every business system and strategy available. I started to connect the dots and determined that by following the steps I outline in this course, my business grew exponentially. Against all odds, in a market I previously knew nothing about, in a recession, I grew my business to over a million dollars in revenue! 

        Can you imagine how well it would work for you not dealing with the extreme economic conditions I was up against? And, how well it will work for you if you are?

        And, this system hasn’t just worked for me. I have helped hundreds of clients build their own 6 or 7-figure businesses using the same program shared here.
        I had a booth at the women's show and I did two talks - just wanted to let you know people LOVED it and I got such great feedback! 
        First time on stage was a bit nerve racking but the second time around, I had a lot more fun.
        Your presentation workshop was the best investment I've ever made! So glad I did it with you! Everyone that owns a business should take your program! 

        ~ Michelle Hung, The Sassy Investor
        Having had her own "Life Tipping Point”, Odette understands the Power of Story and how your story influences your business. This has helped me so much  
        I’ve never done an offer well. With Odette’s help to create a compelling call to action, I received a standing ovation and a line up of people wanting to talk to me.   

        ~ Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery 
        I have been honored to be featured in top podcasts including John Dumas’ “Entrepreneur on Fire” and Clarissa Burt’s “Superinfluencer Women.” I have also been on stage around the world sharing my strategy for business success to thousands of audience members. I am a Stevie Award winner, an RBC Women of Influence nominee, and a TEDx alumnus.

          I don’t hold anything back!
        This program is a $7500 US value and I am offering it for a limited time for a fraction of the original price. You get all of the calls, cliff notes, pre-work handouts, and post module handouts, along with the Profit Domination Home Study Course and two, one-to-one strategy calls for only $2497US (Payment Plans are available).
        Training Call Topics Include:
        How to Get Clients and Make Money Online
        Creating Your Signature Talk That Sells
        How to Become a Speaker to Land More Clients
        How to Turn Everyday Conversations Into Clients
        Creating Distinction: Why People Should Buy From YOU!
        How to Sell High Ticket Programs to Make Money Fast
        Using the Power of Joint Ventures to Spread the Word Globally
        Your Belief System Overhaul: Killing Your Fear-Based Thoughts
        Vision Creation For the Year: Getting What You Want and Keeping It 
        The Guest Expert Call Topics Include:
        Branding YOU
         Rewiring Your Belief Systems 
        How to Get Media Attention
        Joint Venturing
        Social Media Marketing
        How to Become a World Class Speaker
        How to Hire a Team to Grow Your Business Faster
        Money Talks
        The training in this program is based on my PUSH system:
        I will teach you how to push through the mental and physical barriers that often stop us in our tracks so you become unstoppable!  

        Unlimited Possibility  
        I will help you to create a plan so your business can support the lifestyle you want to live. The possibilities really are unlimited!
         Strategy and Support  
         I will show you how to develop strategies and plans that suit your personality, and teach you where you can get support to implement them. Implementation is important!   

        I will teach you to develop good habits for your everyday tasks. Keeping them is the piece of the puzzle that will keep your motivation high and your wheels moving!
        Ignite: Your Business. Your Life. Your Vision.
        Most business coaching programs only cover the mechanics, the nuts and bolts of business that you need to make more money and get more clients.  

        Ignite is different because it covers all of the mechanics PLUS it will also help you build the courage, the vision, the creativity and the support that you need to put your plans into action. These are the secret sauce to make your business sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable!
        This is not rocket science; it is rocket fuel to skyrocket your business!

        You don’t have to fumble around anymore, piecing together bits of strategy hoping that it will work.  
        There is no more stress of what to do next. It is all laid out for you.  
        There is no confusion about online presence, social media strategy, or virtual products. 
        I’ve got you covered.  

        I will walk you through the business cycle from conception to launch.
        This coaching program will be delivered to you in its entirety so there is no waiting for others to catch up or feeling frustrated because you are behind. You can binge it, jump ahead to a later call, or take your time based on your personal and business needs. It is ALL there and it is ALWAYS there so you instantly have the information you need at your fingertips FOREVER!

        And the 1:1 strategy calls can be booked at your convenience so they can be completely tailored to your situation.

        I am committed to your success! 

        Are you?
        By following this program over the next 3-6 months and taking the action steps outlined in the modules, you will see your business grow and your reach expand. 

        You have everything you need here to build the business you have always dreamed of.

        If you are ready to get out of your own way, and admit that you need to learn what you don't know, it's time to take your first step. 

        Join us for this amazing program. 

        Commit to yourself and be part of an incredible group of entrepreneurs who are ready to build their vision and create their incredible ideal lifestyle. 

        And have FUN doing it! 

        Are you ready to do the work so you have success beyond your wildest dreams? 

        Then let's get started!