Details of the Program:
•There are 7 training modules in Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less Program

•This is an online program so you can learn from the comfort of your own home

•There will be action sheets for each module so you come prepared with your own personalized info needed for your own talk (no cookie cutter stuff here) 

•A Facbook forum to meet, interact and get 1:1 feedback from me, my team and fellow program alumi

BONUS Soul Story Speaker Academy Program - Everything you need to know and do after you create your talk
In this program you will:
•Uncover what your soul story is 

•Discover which parts of your soul story moments will be used for your talk

•Create your content - your unique teaching points

•Create your Call-To-Action - what offer to make that is appropriate for each audience

•Put together your talk and structure your transition to offer so you feel great and authentic

•Discover how to sell every time you do a talk – even if it's a free offer or a high priced product or service

•Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the   palm of your hand 
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