Are you a Speaker (or want to be a Speaker) but have struggled with:
• Clarifying your message 
• Making the jump from free speaker to paid speaker
• Presenting an offer without feeling pushy or salesy
• Motivating people to take any kind of action
• Being comfortable even calling yourself a speaker
It doesn’t have to be this way. 
In fact, speaking your way to success is much easier than you think! 
It feels amazing to go out and share your passion with the world. 

But, unless you move your audience into the transformational action that will help them overcome the challenges they face, it is all for nought.

Speak from the Soul is a program that helps you help others AND build your business.
I want to help you not only get to the stage, but also tell the perfect, powerful, and personal story that will get the audience engaged and buying your programs. 
During the Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes Program you will:  

•Do a deep-dive and uncover THE story to share with your audience that comes from your heart and your soul that connects with and compels your audience into action. 

•Create your irresistible call-to-action or offer.

•Put together and structure your transition to offer so you feel great and authentic.

•Discover how to sell every time you do a talk – even if it's a free offer or a high priced product or service.

•Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the palm of your hand.

•Learn how to get booked speaking: what you need to do, have and say so that an event planner says “yes” to you!

*SPECIAL BONUS: Receive Odette’s “Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex” the very list she uses to get all her gigs!
You will never have to think what will I say ever again! 
Done right, your story can create empathy, stir excitement, and motivate a room into action. It can give you instant credibility and create connection to the right people. And it can make you money!

Learn how to go from not knowing what to say or where to speak to being a well-paid speaker with Make Money Speaking!

Hi! I am Odette Peek, a professional speaker, business coach, and TEDx alumni, and have used the power of speaking to grow my business to six figures in a year. But, it isn’t just about telling a great story, it is also about building your business by sharing your brilliance!     

This program is unique because it doesn’t just guide you through the creation of your talk.  I teach you how to motivate your audience into action by making an offer from the stage that feels natural and confident rather than awkward and swarmy.  For those of you who are looking to get paid to speak, it also guides you through the process of paid speaking, including where to apply for gigs.

This is an online program so you can learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. There are action sheets and bonuses for each module that make it easy for you to complete the lesson and move on to the next step. In addition to the video recording, there are examples to guide you, as well as a Facebook forum to meet, interact, and get 1:1 feedback from my team, fellow program alumni, and myself. 

We have done everything we can to set you up for success!
Odette's approach teaches you to speak authentically, own your truth and share from the heart - without ever feeling sales-y!
Odette just didn't teach me how to speak, she taught me how to share my soul story and connect with my audience on an emotional level.

I just did the math... with implementing what I have learnt puts my business coaching business over $400k for the year in revenue. Speaking is the way to go!  Unbelievable.

~ Laura-Jean Bernhardson,  Fresh Collective
It’s Working!! I wanted you to know I signed up my first 6 month coaching client and l will be signing up more with my 3-month option, all from a talk I gave for about 17 ladies.
I feel the momentum picking up. I feel really good and alive when I’m doing this work. I know I’m good at it. I no longer have to fight that “not good enough” thing. Now it’s about getting in front of more people.
If it weren’t for you - I wouldn’t have had that talk to give in the first place. So thank you.
~ Laura DiFranco, Brave Healer
“My first stage was standing at my table at a networking event and giving my elevator pitch. Here is the funny part of it... I wrote that talk on a napkin. Well, several napkins because my pen didn’t write very well on them. I thought about what I was going to say and it made all of the difference. 

My whole business journey has been speaking on bigger and bigger stages with the clear intention of sharing my story AND building my business. Fast forward a few years and I feel like Justin Bieber as the audience throws offer sheets at me in a wild frenzy! I want that for YOU!!!!
I always thought that the power of speaking was all about standing up in front of thousands presenting a keynote. 
Then I started selling $40,000 and more from the stage in six-minute gigs and I realized that when I am real and speak with passion and enthusiasm, I get noticed. 
Getting noticed is the gateway to EVERYTHING!  
Let’s face it; there are two hot commodities in this world that impact your ability to sell…time and attention. You have seconds to cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention and “wow” them.
Most people spend those precious seconds babbling or being boring. And just like that, the moment is gone!
What if I could teach you how to get attention and HOLD it with your own, unique six-minute signature talk? 
I had a booth at the women's show and I did two talks - just wanted to let you know people LOVED it and I got such great feedback! 
First time on stage was a bit nerve racking, but the second time around I had a lot more fun.
Your presentation workshop was the best investment I've ever made! So glad I did it with you! Everyone that owns a business should take your program! 

~ Michelle Hung, The Sassy Investor
Having had her own "Life Tipping Point”, Odette understands the Power of Story and how your story influences your business. This has helped me so much  
I’ve never done an offer well. With Odette’s help to create a compelling call to action, I received a standing ovation TWICE after trying out my new talk and a line up of people wanting to talk to me.   

~ Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery 
Pre Work
Before you begin the modules, find out where you want to go.  What is it that you want?  Dive deep within to identify your highest vision of yourself and your business.  We will begin to uncover your unique gifts and talents that will be used in your Signature Talk.
Module 1 
If you want to share your message with the world and make money speaking, you need to be crystal clear about your message, what transformation you create for your clients, and the goals you have for your business and your life. 

This is the foundation of your talk and your offer. In this comprehensive, deep-dive module you will clarify your vision and set the stage for your lucrative offer. You will also receive, as a bonus, the "Life Planning" audio from the “Break Barriers and Be Successful” program. 
Module 2
In this module, you will use my proprietary transformational "Going Through the Ages" exercise to identify the Foundational Blocks of your Soul Story. You will identify your unique experiences and skills that will become the framework for your talk, as they are your biggest differentiator from your competition and most compelling identifier for your perfect audience. 

As a special bonus, this module includes a “Going Through the Ages” example to help you get started.
Module 3
In this module, we are going to go deeper into the information you have gathered, right down to the soul level, and identify the Emotional Theme in our Bonus Training that runs through your life and your expert opinion, which was created by your experiences, gifts and talents. 

This unique perspective is your most valuable resource as its emotional vibration is what resonates with your best client and compels them into action.
Module 4
Module Four is all about identifying your Marketing Message, the educational or learning component of your talk. By answering the five key questions in this lesson, you will learn how to articulate this message in a manner that your audience can hear and be inspired to act. 

Inspiration, education and motivation are the cornerstones of your value for an audience or an event planner. You will also get the special bonus calls from the “Magnetize Your Message” program. 
Module 5
Module Five lays out the “Make $40,000 in One Talk” template that pulls the emotional and educational components together so you can make money speaking. It is a step-by-step powerful strategy that ties together the seven elements of an amazing talk that evokes emotion, inspires action, and will help grow your business. 

Special bonuses include the “How Big is Your But” handout and Odette’s "Fearless Women" talk that you can use as an example for your own talk.
Module 6
The number one challenge speakers have is to make an offer without feeling pushy or salesy. This lesson turns speakers who lack sales skills into high converting, naturally confident, call-to-action professionals who have the audience rushing to work with them. 

You will cover the three types of offers and the delivery strategy for each. Special bonuses include the “Call to Action Catalogue” outlining 40 different outstanding offers you can make from the stage and “The Critical Do’s and Don’ts” every speaker needs to know before delivering a talk.
Module 7
Your talk is written, now what? Module Seven covers next steps for you to get out there and share your message. It also provides tools to blast through the limiting beliefs that can cause the “Business Brakes” paralysis that comes from fear. 

Four HUGE BONUSES included are “Get Gigs” a list of 20 places you can start to find speaking opportunities, the “Income Injectors Guide” outlining four ways to add income to your speaking, "Applying for the YES" your step by step guide on how to fill out Speaking Applications to get Event Planners to say yes to you and Odette’s “Million Dollar Rolodex” the list of podcasts, events, and associations she uses on a daily basis to get speaking opportunities. 
You will walk away with your own powerful, practiced, and polished talk that can be modified for networking, workshops, keynotes, and longer talks.  
Because I am so convinced that this works and you will see your business quickly double or even triple, I am including these JUICY BONUSES to help you get booked 
BUT, you have to sign up before July 15th to receive them.

Bonus #1 ($10,000 Value)

Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex
Over 100 opportunities to apply for speaking including podcasts, online summits, events, conferences, associations, etc. - this is the very list I use to get all my gigs!
Bonus #2 ($1,000 Value)
Private 1:1 Quick Start Call with Me
A private session with me can make you an overnight success story
Limited to the first 10 people

Bonus #3 ($5,000 Value)

My Soul Story Speaking Academy Program
Ok, this is an absolute no brainer - 2 for 1 program! 
A comprehensive course on how to market yourself as a speaker! 
Having a great talk is useless without knowing how to:
- Brand and market yourself as a speaker (branding is everything)
- Create different styles of presentations (workshops to keynote to virtual events)
- Create your own online marketing funnel system  (a must have for online sales)
- Structure your high ticket priced programs and products (this is a 6+ figure biz)
- Run your own profitable events (extensive event prep list and hour by hour flow of day guide)
- And... you will get advanced training on how to sell from stage! 

Of course all of the training comes with my downloadable templates, cheat sheets, step by step guides, prep and checklists, and so much more to have a 6+figure business.
This has been an amazing experience. Odette taught me how to shift my talk to improve it even more. It was eye opening and helpful. 
Odette is completely knowledgeable and helps us come into our heart space and into ourselves and our passions and bring out unique self to our talks. 

And she makes it seem so easy. Thank you so much! 

~ Rosalyn Fung, Rosalyn Fung Coaching 
Odette taught me how to build and perfect my signature talk. This already has had a huge shift in my business.

I was immediately booked for four speaking engagements. I also have two new coaching clients, a direct result of implementing the things that were taught in the program.
Thank you Odette!

~ Tracey D'Aviero, Your VA Mentor 

Details of the Program:
•There are 7 training modules in Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less Program

•This is an online program so you can learn from the comfort of your own home

•There will be action sheets for each module so you come prepared with your own personalized info needed for your own talk (no cookie cutter stuff here) 

•A Facbook forum to meet, interact and get 1:1 feedback from me, my team and fellow program alumi

•All Sales Are Final, No Refund as you gain instant access to proprietary information.  

In this program you will:
•Uncover what your soul story is 

•Discover which parts of your soul story moments will be used for your talk

•Create your content - taking people from point A (pain point) to point B (solution)

•Create your Call-To-Action - what offer (free or paid) to make that is appropriate for each audience

•Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the   palm of your hand 

•How to get the lucrative gigs to find your ideal clients 
So if you…
•Want to speak, but don’t know what to say and how to say it. 
•Haven’t been able to convert audiences after being on stage.
•Need clarity in your messaging. 
•Want to polish your speaking. 
•And, struggle with feeling “salesy” when adding your call to action. 

Then the "Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less” is the program for you!
About Your Host

Hi, I’m Odette Peek. 

After building a seven-figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that risked it all. By getting on stage and sharing her story, she regained her momentum and created massive success. 

She shares this expertise to help entrepreneurs become speakers and build high-impact, lucrative businesses. 

Odette has spoken on hundreds of stages, including TEDx, as well as been a guest on popular podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and television shows like NBC’s Real Talk

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