If you had six minutes to sell you and your business to the world, could you?
 Are you aware that speaking is the quickest way to success?  
Worried no one will care or resonate with what you have to say?
Or you don't even know what to say?
It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, speaking your way to success is much easier than you think! 
I always thought that the power of speaking was all about standing up in front of thousands presenting a keynote. 
Then I started selling $40,000 and more from the stage in six-minute gigs and I realized that when I am real and speak with passion and enthusiasm, I get noticed. 
Getting noticed is the gateway to EVERYTHING!  
Let’s face it; there are two hot commodities in this world that impact your ability to sell…time and attention. You have seconds to cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention and “wow” them.
Most people spend those precious seconds babbling or being boring. And just like that, the moment is gone!
What if I could teach you how to get attention and HOLD it with your own, unique six-minute signature talk? 
Hi! I am Odette Peek, a professional speaker, business coach, and TEDx alumni, and have used the power of speaking to grow my business to six figures in a year. But, it isn’t about having the best pitch. It’s about telling YOUR best story.     

That is what makes this program unique. 

I have an inherent ability to pull out your soul story and then help you turn it into a signature talk that unleashes your passion, gives everyone clarity about your message, and connects you to the loyal followers that are waiting for you! 

Vulnerability and authenticity are the superpowers to help you build a successful and sustainable business because people buy YOU, not stuff!
I want to help you not only get to the stage but also tell the perfect, powerful, and personal story that will get the audience engaged and buying your programs. 
I had a booth at the women's show and I did two talks - just wanted to let you know people LOVED it and I got such great feedback! 
First time on stage was a bit nerve racking but the second time around, I had a lot more fun.
Your presentation workshop was the best investment I've ever made! So glad I did it with you! Everyone that owns a business should take your program! 

~ Michelle Hung, The Sassy Investor
Having had her own "Life Tipping Point”, Odette understands the Power of Story and how your story influences your business. This has helped me so much  
I’ve never done an offer well. With Odette’s help to create a compelling call to action, I received a standing ovation and a line up of people wanting to talk to me.   

~ Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery 
My first stage was standing at my table at a networking event and giving my elevator pitch. Here is the funny part of it. I wrote that talk on a napkin. Well, several napkins because my pen didn’t write very well on that damn napkin. The thing is, I was prepared. 

I thought about what I was going to say and it made all the difference. 

My whole business journey was getting to bigger and bigger stages, sharing my story, and having people run to the stage after I spoke.

Fast forward a few years and I am feeling like Justin Bieber as the audience throws offer sheets at me like girls throw kisses or their phone number at him!
During the Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes Program you will:  
•Do the deep-dive and uncover THE story to share with your audience that comes from your heart and your soul and walk away with a polished six-minute talk 

•Know how to connect with your audience emotionally 

•Have increased confidence 

•Learn how to adapt your six-minute talk to different speaking opportunities, 20 minute, 60 minute keynote as well as how to turn your talk into a seminar or workshop, so you never stutter or   stumble again in any situation 

Get clarity on your messaging so everyone knows who you are and what you do in an instant 

•Learn a faster, simpler, and more effective version of speaking and selling from the stage  

•Know how to deliver your talk with the right body movement, flow, eye contact and easily memorized    

•Learn about delivering the different levels of call to action from free stuff to high-end programs and how to make it natural to ask from the stage without feeling without feeling awkward and “salesy” 

•How to get booked speaking; what you need to do and have and what to say so that an event planner says yes to you 
You will never have to think what will I say ever again! 
Done right, your story can create empathy, stir excitement, and motivate a room into action. It can give you instant credibility and create connection to the right people. 
Details of the Program:
•There are 7 training modules in Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less Program

•This is an online program so you can learn form the comfort of your own home

•There will be action sheets for each module so you come   prepared with your own personalized info needed for your own talk (no cookie cutter stuff here) 

•A Facbook forum to meet, interact and get 1:1 feedback from me, my team and fellow program alumi

•All Sales Are Final, No Refund as you gain instant access to proprietary information.  

In this program you will:
•Uncover what your soul story is 

•Discover which parts of your soul story moments will be used for your talk

•Create your content - your unique teaching points

•Create your Call-To-Action - what offer to make that is appropriate for each audience

•Put together and structure your transition to offer so you feel great and authentic

•Discover how to sell every time you do a talk – even if it's a free offer or a high priced product or service

•Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the   palm of your hand 
So if you…
•Want to speak, but don’t know what to say and how to say it. 
•Haven’t been able to convert audiences after being on stage.
•Need clarity in your messaging. 
•Want to polish your speaking. 
•And, struggle with feeling “salesy” when adding your call to action. 
then the "Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less” is the program for you!
Pre Work
Dive deep within to identify your highest vision of yourself and your unique gifts and talents that will be used in your Signature Talk.
Module 1 
Uncover what it takes to be a compelling speaker with 3 Keys. 
Module 2
With a proprietary exercise, you will identify the impactful moments of your life that will allow authentic connection with your audience.
Module 3
Finding the Golden Thread of your Life Moments and unique Point of View that differentiates from everyone else, making you stand out.
Module 4
Uncovering Your Marketing Message by creating a succinct and powerful message so people instantly want to work with you.
Module 5
Piece together your Signature talk that will evoke a connection with your audience, inspire action and attract loyal paying clients.
Module 6
The Do’s and Don’ts of delivering your talk and how to comfortably ask for the Sale without feeling salesy or swarmy.
Module 7
Uncovering the mindset blocks, identifying what puts the business brakes on and pushing past them to get out there and Get Gigs.
You will walk away with your own powerful, practiced, and polished talk that can be modified for networking, workshops, keynotes, and longer talks.  

Because I am so convinced that this works and you will see your business quickly double or even triple, I am including these bonuses to help you act and win today! 
* Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex: the very list I use to get all my gigs

* Bi-Weekly Huddle Hour: 1:1 coaching from me on a group call

* Private 1:1 Quick Start Call with Me - Limited bonus
This has been an amazing experience. Odette taught me how to shift my talk to improve it even more. It was eye opening and helpful. 
Odette is completely knowledgeable and helps us come into our heart space and into ourselves and our passions and bring out unique self to our talks. 

And she makes it seem so easy. Thank you so much! 

~ Rosalyn Fung, Rosalyn Fung Coaching 
Odette taught me how to build and perfect my signature talk. This already has had a huge shift in my business.

I was immediately booked for four speaking engagements. I also have two new coaching clients, a direct result of implementing the things that were taught in the program.
Thank you Odette!

~ Tracey D'Aviero, Your VA Mentor 

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Odette Peek. 

After building a seven-figure business, I suffered a personal crisis that led to a breakdown and then a rebirth of a new mission to help entrepreneurs and leaders share their unique and powerful story with the world. 
I'm a professional speaker, experienced business coach, and TEDx alumni, and have created the “Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less” program to help entrepreneurs build high-impact, lucrative, and purpose-driven businesses using the power of personal stories. Whether in a small-group setting or speaking to thousands, I customize my presentation to my audience’s needs to ensure the most value and then delivers it with a “tell it like it is,” fun, and fast-paced presentation style. Interactive, informative, and educational exercises keep the audience engaged and entertained and then sends them out into the world inspired, motivated, and armed with an action plan.